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Who We Are

JSL stands for Japanese Sign Language.

Our organization, JSLTIME, is a video production agency in Japan that offers and specializes in video production in JSL, which the first language of Deaf people in Japan.

Our vision is to create a society where people, whether Deaf or not, truly enjoy our lives. We hope to contribute to it through the power of entertainment.

Our Activities

Our main activities include:

  • Video and film production

  • Online streaming

  • Event planning & Organization

Our Team


April 1, 2016     Establishment

                       "We Will Never Give Up - Tomoshinkai-"  production launch

June 1, 2017     "Until Rainbow Dawn" production launch

July 28, 2017    "We Will Never Give Up - Tomoshinkai-" release

July 1, 2018      "Until Rainbow Dawn" release

Support Us

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