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Welcome to JSLTime

JSL time is a time of Japanese Sign Language (JSL). We, group make movies in JSL that is the first language of the Deaf.

Deaf Film "Untill Rainbow Dawn "
Deaf Film "Untill Rainbow Dawn "

Story / Deaf × LGBT

A girl, who is 21 years old, is Hana Takahashi (age: 21) and another girl, who is 23 years old, is Ayano Hoshino in a Sign Language society. They met the society and Hana fell in love in the first time with Ayumi in her life. They have started going out. Later, Hana returned back to her home and told her parents about the going out. She has been believing in her mother because her mother is always her ally. However, she didn’t expect that she was denied from her mother and she was shocked the rejection. But she wouldn’t cut off all ties with Ayumi. Seeing struggled Hana, Ayumi found occasionally a deaf LGBT event that will be held in Tokyo and suggested to go the event together. They spent time with people who were Deaf LGBT for the first time and Hana opened up her heart.

​Mika Imai / Deaf director

Mika Imai was born in December 12, 1988, in Gumma Prefecture, Japan. She made movies “The sign name game”, “100th page propose,” “Life,” “Never give up 〜Tomoshin-kai〜.” She decided to make the movies because she had felt that there is no movies in Sign Language: “There is no movie in Sign Language, so I make movie in Sign Language!!” She has been making short movies in Sign Language since she was 12 years old with her younger brother. She enrolled in the Wako University in 2011 and she studied about representation. In 2014, she studied abroad for studying Japanese Sign Language that is different from Japanese Language in the Chinese University of Hong Kong by getting award from the Nippon Foundation. She studied about deaf studies and Japanese Sign Language in the University as a research student in the Sign Languages research center. In present, she work at a IT company. She has been making movies without sound about deaf, and she is making a movie with sound in the first time.



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