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🎥 Short Film "Voice"

Duration: 19 mins

Director: Tomoko Takahashi

Honma Hikaru, a Deaf karate athlete who had won several medals karate competitions, participates in the trial for an important karate competition. But right before her performance, the committee chairman tells her that she would have to forfeit if she does not say the names of Kata (karate moves) verbally. It brings her back to when she was little, to the memories which a lot of Deaf people in Japan may have experienced in the past...


🎥 JSLTIME YouTube Channel

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🎥 Film "Until Rainbow Dawn" (2018)

Duration: 63 mins

Director: Mika Imai

Hana and Ayumi are two Deaf people who met each other in a sign language group in Gunma. While she has some reservations about being attracted to the same gender for the first time, Hana begins a relationship with Ayumi.

One day when visiting her home town, Hana discussed with her parents about the relationship, and was rejected by her mother, who used to always be on her side. Hana was shocked by her mother's reaction, but decided to not end the relationship with Ayumi.

Seeing the hurt Hana was going through, Ayumi invites her to join a 'Deaf LGBTQ event' in Tokyo. There, Deaf LGBTQ people who even though have worries live their lives positively gather.

While they were initially nervous, as they listen to stories of overcoming adversity, both of their hearts begin to open....


🎥 iroiro

Iroiro means "colorful" or "variety" in Japanese. It is said that one in 1000 babies are born Deaf. We wonder how many of them are struggling to define their identities alone because of their sexualities. For their bright future, we decided to launch this project with 100 Deaf individuals with their diverse sexualities, to send encouragement in JSL. This project features 30-minute video and 100 individual interviews. 

You are not alone.

You are precious and enough with just the way you are.

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